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Multicath is a project aimed at patients who are:

Adult men and women aged ≥ 18 years
• Currently using Intermittent Catheter (via the urethra), performed by self or sole carer
• Patients who have been Intermittent Catheter users for more than or equal to six weeks
• Patients where Intermittent Catheter is planned to continue for more than 12 months and two weeks
• Patients who are able and willing to adhere to a 12‐month follow up period
• Patient has provided written informed consent for participation in the trial prior to any trial specific procedures


A non-inferiority randomised controlled trial to compare mixed (multi/single-use) catheter management with single-use catheter management by intermittent catheter users over 12 months: (MultICath)

Chief Investigator and Principal Investigator: Professor Mandy Fader


MultICath are a team of researchers (including nurses, doctors, physiotherapists and scientists) who are funded by the National Institute for Health Research which is part of the NHS.

Currently all catheters used for IC are thrown away after each use (single-use).  Although this is easy and convenient we know from patients that it would also be useful to have catheters that can be cleaned and re-used (multi-use) as well. Patients say that being able to use both types depending on activities and where IC is being done, would give more options and would allow patients to benefit from the advantages of both methods. Multi-use catheters are used in several other countries e.g. Australia and Canada, and trials so far show little difference between single-use and multi-use in terms of problems such as urine infection. At a time when plastic waste is a major environmental concern, research which explores the possibility of re-using plastic devices such as IC catheters is important.

Please take the time to read the enclosed information sheet to help you make an informed decision about whether to take part. This describes what the trial is about and what you would be asked to do. It also addresses concerns that you may have to do with how the Covid-19 pandemic has impacted on how we do research.

Information sheet

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