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ATTACK is a study for patients aged 18+ with blood/urine test results suggesting they have chronic kidney disease stage between 1-4.

Why is this research being done?

The ATTACK project aims to find out whether people with chronic kidney disease should take regular low-dose aspirin to reduce the chance of having a first heart attack or stroke.

What is chronic kidney disease?

  • CKD is a term used by healthcare professionals when the kidneys are not working as normal. The word “chronic” means long-term not serious.
  • CKD is very common and our kidney function often declines as we get older. Many people are not aware that they have reduced kidney function.
  • Most people with chronic kidney disease are treated by their GP and never need to go to hospital to see a kidney specialist.

Why may I not know I have chronic kidney disease?

There are usually no symptoms of kidney disease in the early stages. It may only be diagnosed if you have a blood or urine test for another reason (such as for monitoring diabetes or high blood pressure care) and the results show a possible issue with your kidneys.

What is involved if I decide to take part?

Consent consultation

If you decide to take part, you will be contacted by telephone to make one appointment for a consent consultation. A research nurse will discuss the study with you and make sure it is suitable for you. If you are happy to participate after this consultation, you will be asked to sign a consent form.

What happens after the consent consultation?

You will be allocated at random to:

  • take low-dose aspirin (75mg) once daily in addition to your regular prescribed medication (this will be an uncoated tablet or soluble aspirin, which are more effective and more commonly prescribed by GPs than coated tablets)


  • continue with your regular medication alone

If you take part in this study, it is important that you do not take any “over-the-counter” aspirin. (i.e. any aspirin that has not been prescribed by a doctor). This includes and cold and flu remedies that contain aspirin.


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